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  • BackupChain Backup Software (x64)  v.2.2Powerful backup software backs up live virtual machines and databases. Fully configurable, multithreaded backups with versioning, USB, Delta Compression, and FTP. Built-in FTP server enables receiving backup files over the Internet.
  • BackupChain  v.3.0.768Fully configurable backup software for IT professionals. Back up Hyper-V, VMware, virtual machines, file servers, and databases while running without downtime. Perform multithreaded backups with file versioning, USB, Delta Compression, and FTPS ...
  • Kleo Bare Metal Backups for Servers  v.2.0.2With Kleo, you can now create all inclusive backups of servers.
  • MultiThreaded  v.1.0MultiThreaded is a library for .
  • Search Backups  v.2.0.9With Search Backups you can manage your CD / DVD inventory as well as the backup copies of your data and documents. Therefore the folder and file structure is being read and saved completely. After that you can move through the whole folder and file ...
  • ABACUS Online Backups  v.5.0.1ABACUS Online Backups 5.0.1 brings users the convenience of using an efficient backup system. No financial info. required to run the fully functional trial, allowing up to 4 Gb of online backup. Fully automated, no special hardware required. Email ...
  • Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing  v.1.2.4DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing) transparently checkpoints the state of a centralized or distributed computation. It operates directly on the user's binary code, without needing to modify the user binary or the operating ...
  • Redoubt: secure offsite backups  v.1.0Redoubt:(1) a protected place of refuge or defense;(2) a secure system for distributed offsite backups, client data is compressed, encrypted, and then pushed to "somewhat trusted" offsite servers ...
  • Inspect multithreaded C program  v.1.0A runtime model checker for exploring all possible interleavings of a multithreaded C/C++ programs.
  • SAGE - A Multithreaded Game Engine  v.1.0SAGE stands for Simple Asynchronous Game Engine and is an attempt to implement a multithreaded game engine in C#. For rendering/physics/sound/etc it uses(/will use) open source libraries (like OGRE, ODE, etc) through plugins.
  • Daily backups  v.0.9.9This program will backup a set of folders every time is starts (when you turn on the computer) then it close itself.
  • 1 by 1 Multithreaded Emailer  v.7.1If you are looking for a tool to send personalized email (a mail only for a contact, and contains contact name in subject/content) to clients/friends for emarketing/greeting, and expect it is fast and has high delivery rate, 1ME is your first choice.
  • I-need-a-payday-loan-immediately-backups  v.1.25You can use the built in timer to schedule a back-up in for any time you wish. Backup Pro Can back-up any amount of folders and files, that are anywhere on your system. For additional security Backup Pro Will even password protect the ziped files ...
  • ABACUS Online Backups for linux  v. can be combined with your existing tape backup solution for a more comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Abacus is a disaster recovery solution that provides cost-effective business continuity for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, ...
  • An Python script that make backups  v.1.0An simple Python script that make an backup of the system. Once a week an full backup, an every day an increment backup. The script are totally personalisable.
  • Backups Blow  v.1.0A simple but powerful backup script for backing up mysql databases and filesystems to local mounts or remote machines via ftp, ssh or (new) S3.
  • Multithreaded Prime Benchmark  v.1.0A benchmarking program that computes all primes up to a number. If you want it can print them or not.Then it prints thread 1 computed x and thread 2 computed y etc.
  • GDC 2009: Direct3D11 Multithreaded Rendering and Compute  v.1.0This talk will discuss the changes made to the Direct3D11 API that enable resource management and rendering work to be submitted across multiple CPU threads.
  • Protect your DVD/CD discs and USB Flash Memory Sticks for travel, backups, postal mail  v.1.0.0Master Voyager is especially designed to create protected DVD/CD discs and USB Memory Sticks.
  • Xceed Backup Library  v.1.1The Xceed Backup Library lets developers add on-demand or scheduled backups to their Windows applications. Its full-featured ActiveX control includes backup/catalog/log file management, a multithreaded scheduler and removable media support.Using the ...
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